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Dream Sleep Aid - 5:1 Tincture

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Discover a harmonious blend of CBD and botanicals that promotes a sense of calmness in the mind, while GABA, Melatonin, and 5-HTP provide support for a restful sleep. The botanical blend for relaxation includes passionflower and valerian root, which may contribute to enhanced dream recall.


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All the focus in the marijuana industry is on getting as high as possible, not on incorporating the health benefits of cannabis into your life. We changed that. What started in small CBD-only popups in NYC has ballooned into a diverse group of scientists, farmers, and young entrepreneurs creating formulas to incorporate into your daily routine. We let transparency, inclusiveness, innovation, and education guide our work instead of greed. We acknowledge marijuana products are confusing as hell sometimes! That’s why we make products you can understand without being a scientist.
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